Founded by lululemon's Chip Wilson, imagine1day's goal was to build schools in Ethiopia and make an impact on local communities. I designed a responsive and engaging website with a focus on impactful imagery and storytelling.


imagine1day's mission was hidden within a copy-heavy desktop-only design. The goal was to decrease bounce rates and increase session times by creating a stronger connection to the user.


The redesigned site increased the use of impactful imagery, making it more engaging. Textures were used throughout the design to give the site a warmer feel. A much larger focus was put on storytelling, with select pages designed to emotionally tell the story of the charity and its impacts.

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Individual project pages featured a large gallery and a progress graphic that showed how close it was to its goal.

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The "Our Approach" page utilized a graphic timeline element that guided users through each project's year-by-year process.

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The site was fully responsive, giving mobile users a more accessable experience.

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The redesigned site dramatically reduced bounce rates and increased average session times. It was also a finalist for the inaugural Vancouver UX Awards.


bounce rate reduction


average session increase



DeveloperMatt Gomes

ProducerCynthia Cyr

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